Patiala Fashions is a specialty clothing retailer based in Surrey,British Columbia. We sell women’s east indian clothing such as Patiala Salwar Suit, Punjabi Suits, Children Wear,Jewellery and accessories.

Punjabi dresses are considered enormously magnificent among the fashion girls. These dresses are superbly amazing in their amazing traditional grace, colorful patterns, conventional stitching style and impressive embellishments. Our surrey is like a Mini punjab and girls in Surrey, Vancouver, Abbotsford are in love with punjabi dresses and fashion, especially Patiala Suits. They like to show their style in different kinds of salwar kameez dresses. Punjabi salwar kameez’s trend is enormously popular among the other cities also.

To enhance the charm of exclusive beauty, Canadian Punjabis wear fascinating Patiala salwar kameez dresses. Here are some gorgeous style of Patiala salwar kameez dresses. Patiala salwar kameez dresses are specially related to Patiala but are loved by punjabis all over the world. Here in Canada, you will notice that Patiala suits are first choice among girls for festivals and parties.

Patiala Fashions Ltd

Payal Business Centre

Address: #130,#131 8166 128 St, Surrey, BC V3W 1R1

Phone:(604) 594-8834

Email: dal.dharni@hotmail.com


  • Sunday 11AM–7PM
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  • Thursday 11AM–7PM
  • Friday 11AM–7PM
  • Saturday 11AM–7PM